【popIn Aladdin】Watermelon game strategy points

Have you ever heard of the ”Watermelon game”?

It is a very simple game and anyone can easily start playing. However, despite its simplicity, it is difficult to achieve a high score unless you think carefully, making it a highly addictive game that makes you want to try again and again.

I myself have not yet reached the top of the rankings, but with a maximum score of just under 6,000 points, I am constantly thinking about how I can achieve a higher score. I am not sure if this method is correct or not, as it is my own personal way of thinking, but I hope it will be helpful to those who are also aiming for a higher score.

Anyone who has popIn Aladdin can play for free, so if you haven’t played yet, please give it a try.


What’s Watermelon Game?

Watermelon Game is a falling puzzle game that probably anyone who has popIn Aladdin has played at least once. The rules are very simple, so anyone can play it easily. It is free to play.

Watermelon Game Rules

The rules of the game are very simple. You drop fruits that appear at random, and when the same fruits are attached to each other, they grow to one larger fruit, and you aim to make them grow bigger and bigger, until finally they become a watermelon. There is no time limit, and you can decide where to drop the fruit.

If the box overflows with fruit, the game is over.

You can score points by making the fruit bigger, and compete with other users in the ranking to get the highest score.

Tips for achieving high scores

In this game, luck plays a large role in determining what fruit will come next, but it is difficult to achieve a high score by luck alone.

The author, who has tried this game about a few dozen times, writes down what I keeps in mind in order to achieve a high score.

Please note, however, that the author has not yet achieved a ranking, so I may be wrong or have a better method. If you have a strategy that you say you are doing this way, please let me know.

How to stack up in the beginning

  • Arrange the fruits in order of size on the right (or left)
  • Pile the largest fruit toward the end
  • Do not add too many fruits

How to stack in the middle or later

  • Place a small piece of fruit in the corner
  • Don’t overload the fruit
  • Wait for fruit to stick

How to stack up in the beginning

Arrange the fruits in order of size on the right (or left)

Especially in the beginning, this is the most important thing to keep in mind. Always arrange the fruits in order of size from right (or left) to right (or left to left), so that the fruits will naturally form a good shape.

If smaller fruits are placed in between larger fruits, they will not stick together all the way through and will not form a good shape.

State when arranged in order of size from left to right

This is the same concept when stacking them on the second level. By keeping them close in size and aiming to grow the smaller ones in a chain of growth, you can achieve a good balance of growth.

It is difficult to keep this shape until the end of the game, but just being aware of this will increase your score a lot.

Pile the largest fruit toward the end

Consider moving the largest fruit you want to grow as close as possible to the bottom right or left. If you end up with a watermelon in the center, it will be difficult to find room to grow the next watermelon.

If other fruits are on the edge, it will create dead space, so ideally there should be none.

Do not add too many fruits

It is important not to add too many fruits. Especially if there are two or more fruits larger than an apple, they will take up a lot of space and will get in the way. The key to a high score is to reduce the number of fruits.

How to stack in the middle or later

Don’t overload the fruit

If the fruit is piled up to the very edge of the maximum limit, the fruit might float up from the bottom at some point, causing the game to be over.

The maximum fruit that will fall randomly will probably be oranges. If there is a fruit larger than an apple at the top, you cannot drop fruit on top of it to make it grow and get in the way.

In the above figure, the moment a watermelon is formed, it floats up, the grapes piled on top protrude, and the game is over.

Place a small piece of fruit in the corner

Small fruits such as cherries and strawberries should be placed as close to the edge as possible, as they can get in the way of larger fruits.

If you put small fruits close to each other, the physics engine (the game program calculates realistic physical movements) will kick in and the small fruits may get in the way of the larger fruits.

Wait for fruit to stick

As I mentioned earlier about the physics engine, sometimes a strange physics engine works, and if you wait for a while after it was not attached at first, it will gradually come closer and closer together, so if there is some strange movement and it looks like it is almost attached, you may want to wait.

Official popIn Aladdin Events

Official popIn Aladdin event

It ended on May 5, but every once in a while there is an official popIn Aladdin event where you can compete for the top ranking, so why not try for the top ranking?

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